Strezov Sampling


NAMM - Day 0

23 Jan

It's actually day 1 now - or close to day two in Bulgarian time? To be honest with you - I'm totally lost in time. And after having spent more than 20 hours on the go (and we missed our flight from Washington to LA!) we are finally in Anaheim, ready to roll. It was great finally meeting Henri Vartio in person and discussing sample libraries all evening (while eating burgers :)). 

Anyway - here's a bunch of the stuff we had printed in Bulgaria: a bunch of flyers drawn especially for this and of course our manuals (in case I forgot what to present to you guys at the booth). 

As far as our unnanounced product, here are some tiny details. After more than a year of experimenting and tweaking around, we are close to the beta version of an ethnic Bulgarian library that you can use in order to... write your own Syllables - the "Syllabuilder". More about this - in the next few days! 

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