Strezov Sampling


Strezov Sampling at the NAMM show

21 Jan

Hello everybody! 

Today has been a busy day - we released (after months of development and a week of beta testing) Storm Choir 2: Ah Legatos - the first module of the Storm Choir 2 series. We are slowly sending out emails to all of you who contributed and we hope that by the end of the day all backers will have an email in their inbox, containing an unique code that they could use to get SC2: Ah Legatos! (free of charge of course!) Fingers crossed that our servers will endure all those downloads.
Meanwhile - we started working on the next module, which will feature Sustains, Staccatos and Effects - hopefully we could wrap this up in the next month or so. 

If by any chance you will be in California this week, be sure to drop in and say hello at our shared "Virtual Instruments" booth at the NAMM show - #6626! It's going to be really fun time, shared by our friends Realitone, Embertone and Chris Hein! Here is our schedule for the show - in case you want to pop up and have a chat! 

We are going to do a live demonstration on all our products (Storm Choir 2: Ah Legatos included!) and we will also share some details about an unanounced sample library that will be very interesting to all of you. 

Keep in touch! 


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