Strezov Sampling


Free Wotan and Freyja Updates released

16 Dec

Adding Agile Legato to Wotan and more...

Wotan and Freyja are now fully compatible with our upcoming choir release Arva allowing the user to load and share their presets among all of these libraries.

Additional small bugfixes have also been added to further polish these two gems.

However the biggest improvement these updates deliver is for sure to grant Wotan a new feature some of you might know from Freyja. The Agile Legato:



All owners will receive their download links during the next 24 hours. If for whatever reasons you didn't receive an email from us, please do not hestitate to contact us via our support page.

We can't wait to show you guys Arva!

All The Best,
Team Strezov Sampling.

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