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AFFLATUS CHAPTER I Strings - Native Access update

19 Nov

Since Native Access does not display the latest version's changelog automatically, our partners from Native Instruments were kind enough to shed some light on the topic. Here is a pretty easy and useful workaround:

1. Temporarily rename the parent folder where the library is currently located, e.g from "Afflatus Chapter I Strings" to "____Afflatus Chapter I Strings"

2. Open Native Access

3. now rename the folder back again to the original name, i.e. "Afflatus Chapter I Strings"

4. Hover over the "Repair" text ->

5. Click "Relocate" and choose the original folder again.

Now 1.3 should be displayed as the library's current version, along with a complete changelog of the most recent update of AFFLATUS Chapter I Strings. 

Have fun and until the next time!

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