Strezov Sampling


Hints And Tips 2: BATCH RESAVE

07 May

tutorial and video by Aaron Edwards

If you are encountering the erroneous dialogue "missing samples" that I'm sure we've all seen, you have 2 options. You can either re-save every individual patch within that library (the long way), or you will need to do a Batch Re-Save of your sample library.

A Batch Re-Save is basically where you are re-saving all the individual patches within said library, while repairing any old or erroneous sample directions. The Batch Re-Save will also drammatically increase your load times.

A Batch Re-Save can be completed using the following options:

1). Go to files -> Batch re-save

2). A dialogue box will appear ensuring that you know what you are doing. Click Yes to proceed.

3). Choose the Parent folder of the library you want to re-save. The parent folder is the one that contains the "Instruments, Samples, and Resources" folders. Click Ok to proceed.

-N.B. - Normally the Parent folder is the folder with the name of your sample library.

4). If prompted with any "missing sample" dialogues, navigate to the "samples" folder within the Parent folder of your library (previously mentioned in Step 3). Click Ok to proceed.

5). After the save process is completed, you're done! Enjoy decreased load time and no more annoying dialogues!


Happy Sequencing!

Aaron C. Edwards

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