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JADE Ethnic Orchestra - v1.1 update instructions

13 Apr


N.B. - this article is meant only for users already running v1.0

For a complete changelog please check out  this blog post.

In order to download the update, please log into your Strezov Sampling account on our website. Then go to your user profile, go to "My Products" , locate your copy of JADE, and then click on "Download Updates"

Below you will find a brief description of the steps needed to be taken in order to ensure JADE's full functionality after the content update.

After you've successfully downloaded and unpacked the .zip file named "Strezov_Sampling_Jade_Ethnic_Orchestra_v1_1_Instruments" , this is what the result should look like:


It is important for us to stress that you should not unpack the .zip file with the updates inside your library's parent folder. Choose any temporary location other than this, please. Now, as strange as this request may seem, please navigate to the folder currently containing your JADE Ethnic Orchestra installation and remove your "Instruments" subfolder entirely. After you are done, this is what you'll be left with as far as your parent folder is concerned:


Now you can return to the folder you just created for the newly unarchived update content (the one seen in the first picture) . Please copy the "Instruments" folder along with the "Jade Ethnic Orchestra.nicnt" and the "Manual" subfolder and paste them inside your library's parent folder (the one containing JADE up till now) . You will be aksed to agree to a file replacement since a .nicnt file with the same name already exists. Let this not worry you and please confirm the replacement.

One more step and you'll be all set, stay with us! Please return again to the newly created folder which was the result of your unpacking of the "Strezov_Sampling_Jade_Ethnic_Orchestra_UPDATE_ONLY_Samples" part1-part5 .rar files . Open the "Samples" subfolder and here's what's waiting for you there:

Now, please mark and copy all the files and paste them inside your library's "Samples" subfolder. You will again be aksed to agree to a file replacement and just like last time, this should not bother you at all.

Make sure that after that you have a total of 132 files in the /Samples/ subfolder, please - this is the total amount of .nkc and .nkx file formats (goes for users who have their "Show hidden files or folders" option disabled)

Stating this just in case - this article is meant for users who already have a functional JADE version 1.0. New users are to disregard this article and make a fresh setup of the entire library from their profile's "My Products" tab -> only the "download product" part, ignoring the update content. Regardless of your library's state, know that the "download product" subsection always contains said library's latest version :)

And this was it! You have now updated your Strezov Sampling JADE Ethnic Orchestra library to its latest version - 1.1! All of us wish you lots of fun and inspirational moments playing around with our ethnic collection :)

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