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New Account System Online

05 Sep

Dear friends, 

we are writing to let you know that our website got updated today, featuring a new account system that will give you the possibility to quickly see your products, invoices and order details (even unpaid ones). Moreover, you will have access to new tools like a crossgrading module if you already own products in a specific series or discounts towards new products. 
We had a issue with the automatic account generation module yesterday and we are deeply sorry for your troubles. The software developing company took actions and already fixed it, alas sending a few hundred emails beforehand. We at Strezov Sampling take security and privacy very seriously and for us this is a major error - this is why, as a small sort of apology and welcome gift, we offer 15% off all our products in our catalogue until September 12 by using the following discount code.

We will start the user data migration at 6PM CET on Tuesday, 5/9 - please have in mind that this process will take some time (about 14 hours) so please be patient about receiving your login details. 
It is very important that once you enter your new profile you change the automatically generated password with one of your choosing. Also, you will be able to change the username as the one you have is based on your e-mail - just go to your profile settings.
We have a bunch of crazy news that we'd like to share with you soon and we hope you'll stay with us in the roads ahead. 
Thank you for your understanding and for your continuing support of our company! 

George Strezov

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