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Hints and Tips 3: Creating a Quick Load Slot in Kontakt

18 Sep

Creating a Quick Load Slot in Kontakt

To get you rolling you do not need to create a Quick Load Slot. However, we highly recommend you do, since it makes working in Kontakt faster and more efficient.

Start your sequencer and load up an instance of Kontakt (it also works in standalone mode).

Note - below we are applying snipshots of both Kontakt GUIs, the procedure described applies to both cases.

Click the Quick Load button inside Kontakt to bring up the Quick Load folder.


Here you can add your favourite Instruments from your Kontakt libraries as well as whole customized Multies or Banks. By right clicking your mouse you can create new folders and build your own structure. As you can see it's not obligatory to have only folders, you can start with single instruments, too.

Now navigate to the folder into which you installed your new library inside Kontakt using the file browser on the left.

You can add the patches you want to be able to have instant access to by simply dragging and dropping them into their corresponding Quick Load folders in the middle of your Kontakt instance.

In this example I have created a new Quick Load folder called AMS – Horns and added the Clusters and Risers & Falls patch into it.

I hope you’ll find this tutorial helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the official Strezov Sampling support for further clarification.


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