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Storm Choir 2 Fundraiser Ends / Pre-Production Begins

05 Aug

Welcome to the Storm Choir II production blog. This is the first post, and marks the end of the Storm Choir II IndieGoGo crowd funding campaign and the beginning of pre-production.

All contributors should have their 80% discounts now. If not, please check your spam folder, or send over a message.

This blog area will have a weekly article beginning as we get farther into the project. Posts will cover general behind-the-scenes info ("status updates" for the contributors), teasing tidbits on production, media content (photographs/video), and so forth.

Due to a surplus of campaign funds, further time wil be put into finessing the current articulations, and there will also be some unannounced articulations/features recorded which haven't really been explored.

Although there will be new products and freebies in the coming months (unrelated to Storm Choir II), the priority project is Storm Choir II until it's release, so rest assured that it will meet the deadline (December 5th, 2013). 

Thanks again to all who made this possible. The concept of a crowd-funded sample library was a true rolling of the dice, but it worked out and we're happy to begin this creative voyage with the community.

See you in a few weeks!

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