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Thunder X3M 1.2 Update

04 Oct

We just released a free update for our epic percussion suite Thunder X3M.

The update adds features users requested and fixes some minor issues, which were brought to our attention.

The complete changelog:

  • Samples pool update – better playability for various instruments like toms, kick drum, gran casa and others.
  • Added zone activity indicator - when you perform the zone play will be gently flashing.
  • Added zone panning control.
  • Added bulk edit option for zone microphones. Use ALT+LMB to bulk edit all microphones of the zone at once.
  • Added Global Volume and Purge settings in the preset files (you can save microphone levels with the presets).
  • Updated Load & Save functions to be fully compatible with both the new and the existing presets (if you load a preset file saved with Thunder X3M version prior 1.2 the global microphones settings will be reset to their default values).
  • Updated virtual keyboard lighting. Now if the zone is empty, the keyboard area corresponding to this zone will remain black.
  • Added Round-Robin keyswitch trigger.
  • Updated help in the GUI.

Users can find a download link on our official updates webpage:

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