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About us

About us

Strezov Sampling was founded by full time composers, who were in need of easy to use sampling tools, without the requirement to add hours of programming to achieve realistic and professional sounding results. Especially known for unrivaled virtual choirs Strezov Sampling pushes the boundaries of what is possible to achieve with sampling right from its foundation in 2012. Strezov Sampling products can be heard in countless Triple A productions used by topnotch composers and music producers around the globe.

  • George Strezov

    George Strezov

    Managing director and producer

    Bulgarian composer, conductor and orchestrator George Strezov has always been fascinated by music and sound, by its connection to how humans perceive the world around them differently depending on the music they listen to. This is the reason why Strezov Sampling was founded in 2012 - a company that would create storytelling tools for composers across the globe. 

    Apart from sampling, George has written music for various video games, feature film and TV shows, as well as concert music, library music, advertisements. 

  • Alexander Koev

    Alexander Koev

    Kontakt scripting & UX Design

    Alexander Koev is a composer, audio editor and programmer from Bulgaria. During his music career, he took part as music composer and sound effect engineer in some game projects (the popular "Gangsta' Race" for PPC) and theatrical productions. He has joined the Strezov Sampling team in the beginning of 2013 to work as sample editor, conceptual designer and kontakt scripter for "Rhodope: Ethnic Bulgarian choir" library. He also wrote some of the library's demos.

  • Alexander Kostov

    Alexander Kostov

    Project Manager

    Alexander Kostov begins his music studies at the age of 17 and shortly after that he begins his first professional steps in the area of film music. He made the music for various projects, such as movies, video games and commercials. In 2015 Alexander joins the Strezov Sampling team, where he helps creating high quality sample libraries, used all around the world by famous Media composers.
  • Iavor Pachovski

    Iavor Pachovski

    Project Manager

    Iavor Pachovski is a composer, producer and sound designer working primarily in the field of video game music, trailers, commercials, podcasts, etc. Having a background in rock and metal music and being passionate about experimenting with different kinds of instruments, sounds and all kind of audio contortions.
  • Boyan “Bosilek” Yordanov

    Boyan “Bosilek” Yordanov

    Graphic Designer

    Boyan Yordanov has a degree in graphic design and book illustration. He’s working freely both with traditional and digital media. That visual flexibility allows him to develop the artwork, design and UI of Strezov Sampling’s products since 2019. 

  • Robin Birner

    Robin Birner

    Business Development

    Robin Birner is a composer and producer from Germany. As Co-Founder of the German studio "Audinity" he has written music for several acclaimed videogame franchises like "Crusader Kings 3", "Victoria 3" and "Europa Universalis IV" by Paradox Interactive as well as "SpellForce Conquest of Eo" and "Knights Of Honor II: Sovereign" by THQ Nordic. His verve for audio production has lead him to serve as a mixing engineer for videogames and movies such as "The Old Way" staring Nicolas Cage and "Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem".

  • Azad Agassian

    Azad Agassian

    Kontakt Mapping & Sample Editing

    Azad has degrees both in composition and sound engineering from Bulgaria's National Music Academy. He's been responsible for the recording of the concerts of the AGBU Sofia chamber Orchestra from 2008 to 2012. He joins the Strezov Sampling team in the beginning of 2017 as a sample and Kontakt editor. To keep himself occupied, he plays the bass and the ukulele, as well.

  • Hristian Hristov

    Hristian Hristov

    Kontakt Mapping & Sample Editing, Video Editing

    Hristian Hristov, also known as IMP, is a Bulgarian Hip-Hop producer and performer. He has also filmed and directed multiple music videos and short movies.
  • Velislava Georgieva

    Velislava Georgieva

    Kontakt Mapping & Sample Editing

    Velislava Georgieva is a composer, editor and copyist. She joins the Strezov Sampling team in 2019, right after receiving her Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Birmingham. Ever since, she has been an additional force to the sample editing department.

  • Hristo Penev

    Hristo Penev

    Kontakt Mapping & Sample Editing

    Hristo Penev is a Film and Game Composer, as well as a sound designer specializing mainly in Horror, Thriller and Drama. His affinity for Dark sounds and his background as a Rock guitarist, makes Hristo perfect for the more unconventional projects at Strezov Sampling. 
  • Boris Nenov

    Boris Nenov

    Sample Editing

    Boris Nenov is sound engineer, music producer and songwriter. From 2011 he is the chief sound engineer on the main stage in Bulgarian National Theatre in Sofia. Also working as a live sound engineer with the Bulgarian bands Oratnitza, Merudia and Kottarashky and responsible for the studio mix of some of their latest albums. 
    As a music producer he is known under the name Kin Riddimz composing and releasing Roots Reggae and Dub music featuring artists from Jamaica, Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago, Puerto Rico, Europe and more. 
  • Simeon Edward

    Simeon Edward

    Sound Quality Assurance

    Simeon Edward is a passionate composer and multi-instrumentalist. His love for music was born when he first touched the piano. Later on, he graduated in classical piano. His background helped him with his new passions – composition and orchestration. Currently, he focuses on creating audio for TV and media projects that involve composition, orchestration, and score preparation.
  • Kiril Georgiev

    Kiril Georgiev

    Sound Quality Assurance

    Despite his architectural background, Kiril is a professional guitarist (both session and live) who plays with various bands and singers. Thanks to his attention to detail, our sample libraries become as playable as they are in the final release version.
  • Hristiyan Georgiev

    Hristiyan Georgiev

    Sound Quality Assurance

    Hristiyan Georgiev is a kaval player, performer, producer and arranger. His passion for music started way back when he became a member of his school choir as a child. Hristiyan has worked with some of the most prominent musicians in Bulgaria on a variety of projects, and also toured the world with his own ethno band Oratnitza. He is mainly insterested in experimenting with sound design in search of the subtle balance between acoustic and electronic music.

  • Tsvetan Topalov

    Tsvetan Topalov

    Customer Care, IT & Procurement

    Tsvetan Topalov is the person who helps in identifying and advising on the solution of any issues, which may occur during the product's development. He handles support questions and makes sure that the users are able to experience the Strezov Sampling products to their full capacity based on current information about system changes and OS/software updates.

  • Boyana Zareva

    Boyana Zareva

    Social Media Manager

    Boyana Zareva is a violinist, singer and a songwriter. She has recorded and participated in various projects such as the soundtrack for the video game “Two Worlds II” and the soundtrack for the bulgarian movie “Shibil”. She joined the Strezov Sampling team in 2021. Ever since she’s been using all her experience as a self-producing artist to maintain and develop the social image of the company.

Other team members

Internal beta-testing: Hristo Hristov, Milen Kukosharov

Collaborators and guest producers: Casey Edwards, Gerhard Westphalen, Jasper Blunk and Oliver Codd, Seth Tsui, Michael Seifert

Additional programmers: Leonard Schneider, David Healey (X-tant Audio), Justin Matthews, Matt Constantine
Design: Koke Núñez Gómez, Lyubomir Iliev, Ryan Strong, Kiril Dikov
Sample Editing: Blake 'Blakus' Robinson, Elan Hickler (Soundemote), Henri Vartio, Michael Morone, Audun Jemtland, Christian Alexander, Zornica Slavova, Zhivko Vasilev, Kiril Dikov, Stefan Cekov, Dobromir Kissyov

Contracting made by Four For Music and the Sofia Session Orchestra & Choir
All sessions engineered by Plamen Penchev, Vladislav Boyadjiev & Angelia Vihrova @Sofia Session Studio



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