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About us

About us

Strezov Sampling was founded by full time composers, who were in need of easy to use sampling tools, without the requirement to add hours of programming to achieve realistic and professional sounding results. Especially known for unrivaled virtual choirs Strezov Sampling pushes the boundaries of what is possible to achieve with sampling right from its foundation in 2012. Strezov Sampling products can be heard in countless Triple A productions used by topnotch composers and music producers around the globe.


  • George Strezov

    Managing director and producer
    George Strezov is a film composer and orchestrator from Bulgaria. He has made music for various films (the popular Bulgarian series "Darvoto na Zhivota", "The Sixth Day"), video games ("Victor Vran" and "Chaos Reborn") and commercials, music for theatre plays, original tracks for the Bulgarian National rhythmic gymnastics team, orchestrations and arrangements. His strong passion for orchestral music has driven him towards the art of sampling.
  • Robin Birner

    Robin Birner is a composer and producer from Germany. As Co-Founder of the German studio "Audinity" he has written music for several acclaimed videogame franchises like "Europa Universalis" and "Crusader Kings" by Paradox Interactive as well as "The Guild" and "Knights Of Honor" by THQ Nordic. His verve for audio production has lead him to serve as a mixing engineer for the Dark Fantasy Videogame "Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem" as well as "SpellForce 3".
  • Plamen Penchev

    Recording engineer and sample editor
    Plamen Penchev is one of the top recording engineers in Bulgaria. Owner of couple of studios (most notably "LoudFi" studio), he has recorded lots of Bulgaria's pop and rock artists, lots of concerts such as "FSB Symphony", "Anathema" and others. Also, he was the recording engineer of the soundtrack for the CAPCOM's video game "Dragon's Dogma".
  • Alexander Koev

    Kontakt scripter and sample editor
    Alexander Koev is a composer, audio editor and programmer from Bulgaria. During his music career, he took part as music composer and sound effect engineer in some game projects (the popular "Gangsta' Race" for PPC) and theatrical productions. He has joined the Strezov Sampling team in the beginning of 2013 to work as sample editor, conceptual designer and kontakt scripter for "Rhodope: Ethnic Bulgarian choir" library. He also wrote some of the library's demos.
  • Alexander Kostov

    Kontakt mapping and sample editor
    Alexander Kostov is born in 1989 in the town of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. He begins his music studies at the age of 17 and shortly after that he begins his first professional steps in the area of film music. He made the music for various projects, such as the movies: “Rapid Responce Corps'', “Rapid Responce Corps 2: Nuclear Threat”, “SMART Christmas”, “Dream of happiness”, “Shooting Star” and also the short film “Cain”, which won the “Best film music” award on the “New Wave” festival, organized by New Bulgarian University in 2014. He has also written music for theatre, TV, radio, commercials and video games.  
  • Azad Agassian

    Kontakt mapping and sample editor
    Azad has degrees both in composition and sound engineering from Bulgaria's National Music Academy. He's been responsible for the recording of the concerts of the AGBU Sofia chamber Orchestra from 2008 to 2012. He joins the Strezov Sampling team in the beginning of 2017 as a sample and Kontakt editor. To keep himself occupied, he plays the bass and the ukulele, as well.
  • Simeon Edward

    Sound Quality Assurance
    Simeon Edward is a passionate musician, orchestrator and composer. Works on range of projects in the field of the commercial music. In his free time helps the team improving and maintaining the quality of the sound.
  • Kiril Georgiev

    Sound Quality Assurance
    Despite his architectural background, Kiril is a professional guitarist (both session and live) who plays with various bands and singers. Thanks to his attention to detail our sample libraries become as playable as they are in the final release version.
  • Tsvetan Topalov

    Customer Care, IT & Procurement
    Tsvetan Topalov is the person who helps in identifying and advising on the solution of any issues, that may occur in the process of making the product. He quickly responds to support questions and makes sure that the users are able to experience the Strezov Sampling products to their full capacity based on current information about system changes and OS/software updates.
  • Velislava Georgieva

    Velislava Georgieva is a composer, editor and copyist. She joins the Strezov Sampling team in 2019, right after receiving her Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Birmingham. Ever since, she has been an additional force to the sample editing department.

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