Strezov Sampling



We live in a world that is already processed and edited in so many ways that sometimes we lose the idea of what is real. There are tons of amazing sample libraries available right now, but most of them are heavily processed - be it EQ, noise reduction, compression or tuning. We stay away from this to keep the authentic and original sound that is in the recordings. Even though sampling can be painful and really boring we always keep the recording process as musical as possible. To us those small .wav files are not just data - they are music!

One of the things we have understood after years of sampling is that those small imperfections (a high french horn sample being a bit flat) can bring that missing realism to your MIDI mockups. Believe it or not, but it's the same when it comes to mockups: Nothing beats the real thing!

Having the concept of "living and breathing" samples as a foundation for all of our libraries this, as a matter of course, also means that we fully commit ourselves to developing updates even years after the initial release of our products. If you find any bug or have a feature request for one of the products you bought from us, we highly encourage you to write us an email. We listen to everything you have to say. In the past lots of features users suggested made their way into new products or versions, so do not hestitate to get in touch.



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