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Since the foundation of Strezov Sampling in December 2012 our products have been used in various Triple A productions from top notch composers and producers around the globe.

Here are just some artists we are very proud of being Strezov Sampling customers:

  • About Balkan Ethnic Orchestra

    About Balkan Ethnic Orchestra

    Rupert Gregson-Williams ("Wonder Woman", "The Crown", "The Legend of Tarzan")

    Once you open up Balkan Orchestra, you'll bring it into your palette permanently. There's plenty of characterful sounds, sometimes guttural with human imperfections, and other times precise and well recorded. Love this.

  • Regarding "Storm Choir"

    Regarding "Storm Choir"

    David Buckley (Batman: Arkham Knight, The Town)

    Storm Choir 2 has a mighty sound that adds a real extra layer of intensity to proceedings. Not only that but it is extremely easy to use right out of the box. Job done!

  • On Strezov Sampling

    On Strezov Sampling

    Charlie Clouser (SAW franchise, Wayward Pines, etc.)

    Excellently recorded and expertly programmed, Strezov's libraries are a must-have if you’re into unique sounds...

  • Regarding choirs and percussion

    Regarding choirs and percussion

    Neal Acree (World of Warcraft, Overwatch)

    Strezov Sampling has become my first choice for choir and percussion libraries which often play a big part in what I write. Great quality and most importantly, highly playable. Can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

  • About Wotan

    About Wotan

    Jesper Kyd (Assassin's Creed Series, Borderlands Series, Hitman Series)

    I love Wotan Male Choir! It's an aggressive instrument that really captures the sound of an epic male choir. Wotan also comes with a useful phrase builder and I'm especially impressed with the choir shouts and whispering recordings, which can also be controlled by the phrase builder! Amazing Stuff!

  • Serj Tankian

    Serj Tankian

    Serj Tankian (Composer, Songwriter, Singer: System of a Down)

    Strezov Sampling choirs are the most realistic and emotive choir libraries around. Other professional choir libraries sometimes try to sound so epic that they end up sounding midi and processed while with Strezov I feel I can hear each vocalist in the mix somehow.

  • On Strezov Sampling libraries

    On Strezov Sampling libraries

    Paul Haslinger ("Underworld", "Crank")

    Being a lifelong fan of the Eastern European music tradition, I am so grateful to George for making parts of that rich vocabulary available as sampling libraries and instrument designs. They are made with the 'working composer' in mind, and have a unique, direct sound character.

  • for "Macabre Strings"

    for "Macabre Strings"

    Imogen Heap for "Macabre Strings"

    Really having a lot of fun with the Strezov sounds these days. Encourage lots of fun ways to get you out of my comfort zones. The macabre strings are really characterful, as if you can sense the players. Not at all generic in any way.

  • About Wotan

    About Wotan

    Tom Salta - Halo: Spartan Strike, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Soldier, Lineage 2

    A fantastic and convincing sounding choir library with a sleek and accessible interface.

  • Recommendation


    Penka Kouneva, composer & orchestrator (Transformers, Ender's Game)

    I love the approach of the Strezov Sampling team - they not only try to preserve the rawness of the live recording, but make inspiring and experimental products! In today's competitive market where each composer is expected to bring something unique, different and fresh, such collections become the perfect tool. I highly recommend their sample libraries!

  • Regarding "Storm Choir"

    Regarding "Storm Choir"

    Aleksandar Dimitrijevic - Trailer Music Composer

    Because of your libraries I can write like I'm writing for a live session.

  • On Storm Choir and Thunder

    On Storm Choir and Thunder

    Sam Hulick ("Mass Effect", "Baldur's Gate Enhanced")

    Storm Choir 2 and Thunder played such an important role in my most recent fantasy RPG project. It's been difficult for me to find a choir library that's not only huge-sounding, but also well-programmed, and Storm Choir 2 really fits the bill. It's become my go-to library when I need a power choir!

  • About our products

    About our products

    Jeff Rona (God of War III", "Exit Wounds", "Traffic")

    Strezov is a brilliant sampling artist. There is a level of musicality and detail that is incredibly impressive.

  • Recommendation


    Assaf Rinde (Ghost Rider, Dragon Age: Origins)

    When it comes to creating a virtual instrument, there is a delicate balance to be found between well-programmed and too perfect. Strezov has managed to find that balance point, with every one of their beautiful sample libraries including just enough imperfections to sound incredibly realistic.

  • About our choirs

    About our choirs

    Peter Conelly - (Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation, Watch Dogs)

    REALLY LOVE the choirs, we want these plastered everywhere and to have a huge influence on the other tracks!