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Free Next Generation Choir Series Updates + Brandnew sample content + Storewide CHOIR SALE

21 Mar

Strezov Sampling proudly presents four free major updates for their Next Generation Choir Series including WOTAN Male Choir, FREYJA Female Choir, ÁRVA Children Choir and RHODOPE 2 Ethnic Bulgarian Choir. To receive the updates simply go to My Products in your account and click download updates.

The most important news first: After the tremendous success of the Polyphonic True Legato techniques first introduced with FREYJA Female Choir it’s finally time for WOTAN Male Choir to receive the same treatment. Therefore this update provides WOTAN Male Choir with a complete set of Polyphonic True Legato patches split into sections (Tenors and Basses). This update completely replaces the old version of WOTAN. For a live in action demonstration watch the following video

In addition to that all choirs part of the Next Generation Choir Series now come with brand-new features for the Syllabuilder Engine allowing faster edits and a whole range of new possibilities like creating unique textures based on the endless loop mode. For a complete and detailed overview of what’s new for WOTAN, FREYJA, ÁRVA and RHODOPE 2 please watch the following video in which George Strezov guides you through Version 3.5 of the Syllabuilder Engine.

Finally to celebrate more than two years of the Next Generation Choir Series you can get all choirs at reduced prices until March 30, 2018

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