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Black Week 2018 + Afflatus Special Announcement

20 Nov


Strezov Sampling welcomes you to the Black Week 2018. Like the years before we again have some special deals waiting for you. However this year is beyond special since some days ago we released our biggest and most ambitious collection of virtual instruments to date: AFFLATUS Chapter I Strings. AFFLATUS breaks new ground in string sampling introducing polyphonic true legato, auto divisi as well as a thematic approach towards recording performances instead of static samples. You can still get your hands on AFFLATUS at a discounted price until November 30 2018.

Today we have an announcement regarding our latest release:

In December 2018 we will release a free update adding new features as requested by our users. This update will contain minor scripting improvements and new options to improve the usability and flexibility of each patch included in the library. Only some of those are a Niente feature, Sordino Emulation a selection of patches as well as Attack and Release control.

In addition to that we are proud to announce that in Q1 2019 we will release a major free update for AFFLATUS Chapter I featuring new additional recordings.

Some of the new articulations you can expect are:

  • Scene d'amour Celli Legato
  • Scene d'amour Celli Tenuto
  • First Chair Vln 1 Legato
  • First Chair Vln 2 Legato
  • First Chair Vla Legato
  • First Chair Cello Legato
  • First Chair Bass Legato
  • First Chair Vln 1 Spiccato
  • First Chair Vln 2 Spiccato
  • First Chair Vla Spiccato
  • First Chair Cello Spiccato
  • First Chair Bass Spiccato
  • First Chair Vln 1 Pizzicato
  • First Chair Vln 2 Pizzicato
  • First Chair Vla Pizzicato
  • First Chair Cello Pizzicato
  • First Chair Bass Pizzicato
  • Vln 1 Section Sul Ponticello
  • Vln 2 Section Sul Ponticello
  • Vla Section Sul Ponticello
  • Celli Section Sul Ponticello
  • Basses Section Sul Ponticello

Here is a glimpse at the Scene d'amour Celli Legato:

This year's Black Week features some incredible discounts up to 50% off individual products until Nov 30 2018. Every product you add into your basket will receive  the following discounts at checkout.

  • 50% off StormChoir 1
  • 20% off Thunder X3M, Tupans X3M, Macabre Solo Strings, Cornucopia String Ensembles 2, Tickle, Westphalen Baritone Violin, Westphalen Electric Violin, LIPP Piano, Belarus Piano, DISTORT 2, Vibe Instant Drumkit, French Horn Ensemble, Trombone Ensemble, Rogue Fanfare Trumpet, AMS French Horns, AMS Trumpets, AMS Low Brass, Oracle Modern Sound Design Library, Tropar
  • 15% off Wotan Male Choir, Freyja Female Choir, Árva Children Choir, Rhodope 2 Ethnic Bulgarian Choir, StormChoir 2 Core, StormChoir 2 Exp

Available Crossgrade Discounts are added on top of those upon login into your Strezov Sampling Account.

From all of us here at Strezov Sampling: Happy Thanksgiving!

Not included are Balkan Ethnic Orchestra, FrameDrum X3M, Afflatus Chapter I Strings and Taikos X3M due to being less than one year old.

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