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20 Sep

tutorial written by Robin Birner and Gregory Paxton

N.B: Please click here for the PC version of the tutorial


First of all, let me congratulate you on your purchase of a sample library made by Strezov Sampling. A huge amount of work went into creating these libraries and I hope you will have as much fun writing music with them as I do.

This little tutorial is meant to guide you through the process of installing any library created by Strezov Sampling. You can also apply this procedure to all other Kontakt libraries available which require the full of version of Kontakt by Native Instruments.

Please note that some of our products require the full version of Kontakt in order for you to use them properly and without interruptions. If you own the free Kontakt Player only, the mentioned libraries will stop working after 30-40 minutes and will force you to restart the player. You can find out with certainty which Kontakt version is needed from the respective product's overview page - the information is located in the "Technical requirements" section.


By now, you should have received a confirmation email with details about your order. You can download all libraries purchased by you by entering your own user profile under the "My products" section on our site. In case you run into trouble, please send a mail to, we will do our best to sort things out for you as quickly as possible.

Because some Strezov libraries can be quite large, the downloads may be divided into several .rar archives. Once you have downloaded all the files for your product, you will need to use an extraction utility such as The Unarchiver (recommended) or UnRarX to unpack these files.


Typically on a Mac, your web browser (Safari, or another designated browser) will launch once you click on the download links, and the browser will direct the files into a default “Downloads” folder. However, we recommend creating a destination folder of your own, and then directing the download to that folder, especially if you want to install onto another drive where you have more space. Below, I’m directing the download to “My New Strezov Product” on an external drive:

TIP: You can specify a new download location within the browser itself by going to Safari > Preferences, then select the “File Download location” tab and choose “other” to set your own destination path. This is similar in other browsers, like Chrome.

Of course, you can always download to any location you choose, then move the respective files to their final destination manually at a later date.


Once everything has been downloaded, it's time to extract the .rar files. First make sure that you have downloaded ALL the linked files. Failing to do so will result in an incomplete product, or perhaps no extraction at all. Below is a similar example, inside the folder I created, where the main product folder and archive files are waiting to be assembled. Your particular Strezov product may be much larger, and hence have considerably more .rar files to unpack.

Whether using The Unarchiver or UnRarX, extraction automatically begins once you click on the first “part1.rar” file. Be sure to select that file first . That’s all you need to do! The other files will unpack automatically into the same destination folder, once you begin.

As an alternative, you can open the extraction utility by command-clicking on the first .rar file (pictured below), and choose the utility directly.  As always, you can also open the application directly and then navigate to the files you wish to extract.

Depending on the size of the Strezov Sampling library you have purchased, the extraction process can take quite a while, so be patient! You can monitor the progress of the utility as it extracts the files.

Once everything has been properly unpacked, you will have a complete product download, with all the relevant samples, patch names, and essential Kontakt files.


IMPORTANT - Because of an OS peculiarity when downloading and unpacking on a Mac, the extracted Sample folder will not automatically merge into the main product folder (which you have also downloaded separately from the archive files). To avoid confusion, open each of these two folders, similarly named (depending on the order you download and extract, one of these might have a “-1” added to the folder name).


So everything is structured correctly, Mac users will need to manually move the Samples from the extracted folder, and then place this inside the main product folder.

Once you have moved the Samples folder into the main folder, and are confident everything is downloaded and unpacked properly, you can delete the .rar files from your drive. However, you may also wish to store the .rar files should you wish to reinstall the product at some point. Your final folder will look similar to this, containing the Data, Instruments, Samples, and relative Kontakt files:


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