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Hints And Tips 1: INSTALLATION GUIDE (Win, PC)

20 Sep

tutorial written by Robin Birner and Gregory Paxton

N.B: Please click here for the MacOS version of the tutorial


First of all, let me congratulate you on your purchase of a sample library made by Strezov Sampling. A huge amount of work went into creating these libraries and we hope you will have as much fun writing music with them as we do.

This little tutorial is meant to guide you through the process of installing any library created by Strezov Sampling. You can also apply this procedure to all other Kontakt libraries available which require the full of version of Kontakt by Native Instruments.

Please note that some of our products require the full version of Kontakt in order for you to use them properly and without interruptions. If you own the free Kontakt Player only, the mentioned libraries will stop working after 30-40 minutes and will force you to restart the player. You can find out with certainty which Kontakt version is needed from the respective product's overview page - the information is located in the "Technical requirements" section.


By now, you should have received a confirmation email with details about your order. You can download all libraries purchased by you by entering your own user profile under the "My products" section on our site. In case you run into trouble, please send a mail to, we will do our best to sort things out for you as quickly as possible.

1. Downloading the files

Due to the sheer file size the libraries are usually divided into several seperate .rar archives for a better download experience. In most cases, these include one instrument and many samples archives. To get all functions of your products working you have to download all files.

I recommend downloading your archives into one seperate folder in which you want to place the complete library folder later.
So, if you're about to install the French Horns of the AMS line, for example, simply create a new folder on your hard drive.

In this case, I created a folder on my hard drive just for all the Strezov Sampling products I own containing seperate folders for each library. This way you always have a good overview of what you already own.

2. Unpacking the archives

After you have finished downloading all files, your folder will look similar to this:

Now you have to unpack the archives next. For this step you need a software capable of unpacking .rar files. The most used one on PCs is called WinRAR, which you can download by clicking the following link:

First open the Instruments .zip file, it should look like this:

Then click the button I highlighted on the screenshot above. The following menu will appear.


If you did create a seperate folder for your library, it will automatically choose the right path. However, you have to delete the last block, because we want all the files to be extracted into the folder we've just created – in this case the AMS French Horns folder. So simply delete everything behind AMS French Horns in the highlighted path and we're ready to roll.

After clicking OK the program will extract all the Kontakt Instruments and scripts.

When finished with that, open the first archive of the samples.

Now repeat the Unpacking process and make sure to extract the files into the same folder. Again you‘ll have to delete the last block of the path or it will create another seperate folder just for the samples. Once the Unpacking has finished your library folder (in this case again AMS French Horns) should look like this:

The instruments and samples folder as well as the .nkc and .nkr files have to be in the exact same folder or you will get an error message when trying to load the patches inside Kontakt. You're now ready to enjoy your new samples.

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