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CHOIR Collection

Full SATB, Epic, Children and Ethnic Choir Collection - Everything you will ever need for choral scoring in one package at an unbeatable price!


The Strezov Sampling CHOIR Collection combines all products from our critically acclaimed Next Generation Choir Series. Covering everything of what you will ever need in choral scoring for all media types without any compromises. This collection is the perfect choral workhorse library for composers and producers. Featuring three mic positions and our favorite choral samples recorded in an ambient concert hall. A "ready to go" tool for all situations.

Performance Patches - Realistic sounding results within seconds!

Something our entire choral range excels at is accessibility and getting realistic sounding choir lines within seconds. With our unique performance patches we managed to push this feature to another level. Performance Patches allow you to mockup your choir lines on the fly due to custom edits of the recordings to make them extremely playable, while maintaining their organic and raw tone.

Choose between different mappings of the different choral sections to increase the playability even further and fit the outcome to the needs of your track. We built this patch, so it allows you to choose between playing the choir pre-arranged in octaves, divided into separate sections or with the natural overlapping ranges in mind.

Our Velocity Dynamic Influencer allows you to determine the loudness of single chord notes by velocity, which makes highlighting certain notes within a chord easier than ever, while Modwheel CC1 still controls crossfading between the natural dynamic layers. The combination of both greatly enhances the expression you can get out of a regular keyboard performance.

If you ever looked for a "go-to" playable choir patch. This is it!

The most fluid Polyphonic True Legato

Like our other libraries, Choir Essentials also has true legato patches that can be played polyphonically without issues and without complicated extra requirements - you just play the music you have in your head and you don't need to worry about anything else. Our intelligent voice leading enables polyphonic writing within just one patch. In other words: Hold down a chord with your left hand, play a melody with your right hand and have it all connected with legato transitions. This powerful feature is controllable by the most common of all midi cc controllers, the sustain pedal.

"George and his team have created a series of beautiful and musical instruments that will inspire your creativity. Their polyphonic legato is in a league of its own." - Thomas Bergersen (Two Steps from Hell)

Syllabuilder Engine 3.5

When it comes to virtual choirs, there are basically two approaches: Phrasebulding (Storm Choir legacy series) and Wordbuilding (Rhodope legacy series). The Next Generation Choir series combines the simplicity and sample recording of phrasebuilding with the advanced editing functions of wordbuilding, the same our Next Gen choir libraries do. This allows you to have amazing sounding results within seconds, but also to build and create new sample content with only a few mouse-clicks (combine multiple syllables together, save them as presets, morph between vowels, combine staccato and sustain together, etc.).

All samples have their natural attacks included. However, if you want to tighten them up, the Syllabuilder Engine allows you to set custom attack, release, volume and offset values for each field independently. Something completely new and greatly missed in all phrasebuilding choir libraries.

You can also create complete choral patterns inside the GUI or connect different syllables and morph them to add motion to your choir arrangements. Save and Load complete lyric presets to quickly get yourself into the actual composition or enhance your setup with predefined quick words.

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€799.00 €1697.00 * VAT excluded Add To Cart

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