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Free Afflatus Chapter 1 Update - Round Robin Legato, Harmonics Legato and more...

18 Nov

Two years after the initial release we are proud to announce the release of the third Afflatus Chapter 1 Strings Update including new features our users requested like Round Robin Legato, Harmonics Legato, Tenuto Swells, new short articulations and much more.

To celebrate this free update with everyone Afflatus Chapter 1 Strings will also be on sale until December 1 2020 for the first time ever. Get the most inspiring string collection on the market at 50% off the normal retail price and if you own some of our other orchestral products the discount is even higher than that.

All existing users can download Afflatus Chapter 1 Strings Version 1.3 for free now by logging into their Strezov Sampling account. The new content is an addition to the old one, you don't have to re-download everything.

To see all new patches in action we highly encourage you to check out this playthrough of the brandnew demo "The Dawn of Humanity" by Jean-Gabriel Raynaud:


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