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Inspired by film and classical music icons, this vast collection of various string ensemble recordings pushes the boundaries of traditional sampling methods by introducing revolutionary features like Auto Divisi combined with Polyphonic True Legato, Round Robin Legato and a Thematic Approach towards playing techniques. Gone are the days of soulless samples.

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Snowfall by Nathan Einhorn
The Afflatus Test by Aleksandar Dimitrijevic
The Dawn of Humanity by Jean-Gabriel Raynaud
The Great Adventure by Jean-Gabriel Raynaud
Pictures Of You by Piotr Musial
Chase The Haunted Pumpkin by Jean-Cedric Raynaglio
The Pain of Living by Brendon Williams
Scene D'Amour by Jean-Gabriel Raynaud
Sleep by Jean-Cedric Raynaglio
You're Leaving by Andrew Morgan Smith
Christmas Lullaby by Sascha Knorr

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A Great Adventure Unfolds: Strezov Sampling are proud to present Afflatus Chapter I Strings

1.2 Update released for more information check out this blog post

1.3 Update released for more information check out this blog post

Inspired by film and classical music icons, this collection pushes the boundaries of traditional sampling methods by introducing revolutionary features like Auto Divisi combined with Polyphonic True Legato from the Next Generation Choir Series, Round Robin Legato for fast Legato Ostinatos and a Thematic Approach towards playing techniques. Capturing conducted musical samples as opposed to static generic samples, Afflatus Chapter I features several custom-made articulation groups able to portray one specific style per group with ease. This approach grants the user highly specialized and inspiring virtual instruments able to perform music with virtuosity: Gone are the days of soulless samples.

The styles/moods featured in Afflatus Chapter I range from classical to modern contemporary film scores. Some of the masters which inspired the development of this collection are Henry Mancini, Sergei Prokofiev, Bernard Herrmann, John Williams and Arvo Pärt.

The sounds and styles presented in Afflatus are vast in terms of colours and playing techniques. From modern minimalist to golden age and lush epic string ensembles - it's all inside just one collection, which makes Afflatus a great extension to other string libraries covering the bread and butter articulations, as well.


While other libraries recorded divisi sections before, Afflatus gives you total control over the sections while performing your music. Pressing the sustain pedal controls whether polyphonic lines should be played in divisi for an ultra realistic concert sound or with the whole section to achieve a thick lush tone suitable for modern film scores, TV and videogames alike. In combination with intelligent voice leading derived from the Polyphonic True Legato engine used in Freyja, Wotan, Árva and Rhodope, it is now easier than ever before to make string arrangements sound the way you want them to within your DAW.

The new 1.2 version update also introduced new powerful features like the Velocity Dynamic Influencer, that allows you to further sculpt your sound in polyphonic true legato mode and be the conductor of your virtual orchestra. By moving the slider, you can increase the volume of each note by up to +/- 6db based on velocity position (64 velocity being the default value). This gives you the possibility of slightly increasing the third of a chord or if you have more complicated bitonal chords - to increase just the fundamental bass note for a more defined harmony. 

Apart from that, you also have a built-in mixer for all combined patches and experimental patches (that were not recorded as an ensemble). 

Sustain pedal also works together with polyphonic legato, giving you as much flexibility as possible and thus letting you focus on the music, skipping all technical details. 


  • Boutique String Collection comprising over 7 different thematic string libraries
  • Auto Divisi in combination with Polyphonic True Legato
  • NEW Round Robin True Legato
  • NEW Harmonics True Legato
  • NEW Tenuto Swells
  • Various sizes of different String and Mixed Ensembles from 50 Players to Chamber to Quartet and First chairs
  • Expertly tailored Thematic Ensembles suitable for Contemporary to Golden Age style film soundtracks, TV, Videogame and Pop music
  • 25 Polyphonic True Legato Bowings
  • Custom Organic Sound Design Section with seperate mixable Elements
  • Playable Aleatoric Articulations
  • Three microphone positions - Close, Decca, Hall (Two on Mixed Ensembles)
  • Over 200 playable patches
  • Powered by Native Instruments' free Kontakt Player and NKS compatible
  • Velocity Dynamic Influencer for extra control on polyphonic legato voicings 

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For detailed patch list, please have a look at the PDF Manual at the top of this section.

€799.00 * VAT excluded Add To Cart

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