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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

1. Can I use your libraries with the Kontakt Player?

As not all of our products come with unique serial numbers which you are to insert into Native Access, please pay close attention to the products' technical requirements sections - they can tell you if you can power a certain library through the free Kontakt Player, or if you need to purchase the retail version of Kontakt in order to use the library to its fullest potential (for instance - Architecture of Sound is meant only for the full Kontakt v5.7.1 or higher, while Storm Choir Ultimate can be powered through v5.7.1 or higher for both the full / paid Kontakt and the free Kontakt Player).

2. Is there a specific OS version I must have in order to power any of your libraries?

Our libraries don't work in standalone mode, so you only need to pay attention to the required Kontakt / Kontakt Player version. If you can open Kontakt's respective version with your current OS, then you can be sure the library will work, as well. 

3. I completed my order, but didn't receive any download links?

In the new version of our site, all our existing clients have profiles of their own, containing orders, download links for libraries and updates, personal / company information for invoicing, crossgrade options and gift cards. Try yours - we believe you will enjoy having everything in one place! :)

4. How do I add your libraries to my Native Access profile?

If you haven't received a Native Access serial number with one of the confirmation emails we are sending out, then the library you have purchased is to be treated as "third party" - we can't provide serial numbers for those and so the products aren't visible in the standard "library view" of Kontakt. We can still offer you a workaround by creating a quick load slot for the Strezov Sampling libraries you are using.

5. Can your .NKS - compatible libraries be installed on more than one workstation?

The short answer is "yes"! As per Native Instruments' EULA (end-user license agreement), installations on two computers (three computers for all versions of MASCHINE and KOMPLETE) are allowed. You only can't use them simultaneously :)

6. Can I use your samples to create my own sample libraries?

No, you are not allowed to do this. When you purchase a product from "Strezov Sampling", you obtain a unique download link for sound samples, loops and/or software from However, we should point out that you ARE NOT obtaining ownership of the sound samples - you are purchasing only a valid license to use our products in your musical compositions - whether or not they are released commercially.

7. Do you offer educational discounts?

Yes, we do! We offer a total of 30% off all single products' full retail prices and, again, a total of 35% off all bundles (Counting the existing discount rates! For example, our CHOIR COLECTION isn't subject to EDU pricing, as its discount is higher than 35%) . We only request that you provide us with a scanned image of your student / faculty / staff ID and a valid document proving that you are currently studying or that you are a faculty member and send it to . And, of course - to save some time, include the product(s) you're interested in and are ready to purchase. Please note that the educational discount is not "stackable" with other offers we might be having at a certain point. And yes, a library's intro pricing is considered a promotional offer, so the same rule applies :)

8. Do you offer gift cards for your products?

Yes, indeed! Just please send an email to , so that we create a card for the specific amount you have in mind.

9. The downloader doesn't work! What should I do?

Please, contact support as soon as possible - our programmers will try to help you out. Include the application's log file, as well, please: the "About" section of the application -> "Open log file location" -> attach the "Log_file" to your email to us.

10. Can I download your products without the downloader?

Yes, you can - most of our NKS products (the ones with serial numbers assigned to their copies) can be downloaded directly via Native Access. Alternatively, download links can be found under "My Products" in your user profile area on our website. You have five download attempts per file - if there are issues, please contact our support and we will refresh them as soon as possible. 

11. Can I use the samples for anything else?

You can use our samples for music composing and making loops, provided that the loops have at least 3 other instruments included. If your music compositions are commercially released (for instance for TV advertising, trailer work, film and game soundtrack, etc.) you don't have to pay anything else to us - no royalties or taxes. 

You cannot use the samples in isolation - for instance releasing, selling or looping some of our .wav files - even if there are effects applied. 

12. Do you also develop custom private sample libraries?

A: Indeed! We regularly get hired to develop custom private sample libraries by composers all around the world, who are in need of tools completely geared towards their own workflow and sound. If you are interested in getting your own unique set of samples, do not hestitate to contact us!

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