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Belarus is named after the Belarusian manufacturer (Беларусъ) of upright pianos, founded in 1935 in the (back then) Soviet Union. Due to its low cost it was a common instrument in most of the Bulgarian homes.

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Audio Demos

Belarus Winter by Assaf Rinde


The sample library "Belarus" features a fresh and unique upright piano sound. Most of those pianos were popular not only by being cheap and affordable, but also as being easy to detune and not so 'pure soundingl', compared to a Steinway piano. 

Still we captured the sound of a typical "Belarus" right after tuning (and as you can hear the tuning is not perfect because the instrument is quite old) - you can use it in soundtracks, pop music and experimental electronica. 

There is only one mic position, a mixture of 4 mics that were placed as close to the strings as possible. It has 6 dynamic layers and 1 round-robin. The interface has 2 options: 

  • RR mode - borrows neighbour samples
  • REVERSE - plays reverse samples
  • Use MOD Wheel CC#1 to control the built-in low-pass filter
€19.00 * VAT excluded Add To Cart

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