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Diamond Jazz Trio

DIAMOND Jazz Trio contains a couple of examples showcasing some of the huge variety available in the library’s full version.

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The Strezov Sampling “Diamond Jazz Trio Freebie” consists of a 3 instruments - Piano, Alto Saxophone and Double bass, distributed in the following 4 patches"

  • Alto Sax Acc Sus Cresc Freebie - experimental patch with a nice forte-piano attack and loopable sustain; after releasing the key, a crescendo is triggered
  • Alto Sax Leg Flutter Freebie - contains 4 different sustain types and legato transitions
  • Piano Freebie - upright piano with a classic pop jazz sound
  • Double Bass Freebie - an upright bass, recorded with true legato intervals, so that when you play a line, you’ll hear a smooth and realistic transition

FULL PRODUCT Pre-Order Price € 319 (Normal Retail Price € 479) Estimated Release Date: June 2022

N.B. - all of the freebie's content is a part of the full Diamond Jazz Orchestra, too. There's no need for separate downloads.

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