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Experience the sound of an authentic orthodox choir you definitely haven't heard before! Tropar adds what nearly all virtual choirs out there lack: a warm, soft, but still powerful sounding men choir section.

Video Demos

Audio Demos

Legends Of Destiny by Mervin Mathew
Stargaze by Henri Vartio
Dust Mote In A Sunbeam by Simon Porter
The Sunlit Altar by Walid Feghali
Stargaze by Henri Vartio (naked)

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Tropar is a word that comes from the Greek "Troparion" and is a religious hymn in the Orthodox liturgy. We were hugely inspired by the typical orthodox liturgy sound and especially all the hymns written by composers like Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, Strumski, Arhangelski and many other.

For this library we recorded 12 men - 6 basses and 6 tenors in an authentic orthodox church! They are recorded separately, into two groups. The library is chromatically sampled and all the samples were run through Avalon AD2044F just for that warm analogue sound.

The library consists of three dynamics – piano, mezzo piano and forte – using the vowel “Ooh” (with the exception of f dynamic which was sung in “Aah”). The library has four mic positions – close (mixdown of 6-mic array really close to the singers), decca (Decca tree LCR above the conductor), side (two mics LR in the courners of the hall) and back (two mics behind the singers, facing the wall and thus a reflected pre-delay sound).

Patch list:
Tropar - Basses
Tropar - Tenors 

Range: (C4=middle C)
Basses: Ab1 - E3
Tenors: B2 - G4 

  • Three dynamic layers, two vowels;
  • p with vowel "Ooh"
  • mf with vowel "Ooh"
  • f with vowel "Ah"
  • scripted legato, releases can be turned on/off.


€59.00 * VAT excluded Add To Cart

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