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CORNUCOPIA String Ensembles 2

Handpicked Chamber String Ensemble playing essential articulations with focus on a unique vintage sound. Version 2 adds brand-new True Polyphonic Legato Ensembles as well as a more accessible User Interface.

Video Demos

Audio Demos

Brünhilde's Revenge by Adam Hochstatter
Spontaneous Human Combustion by Alex Pfeffer (naked)
Freres d'Armes by Romain Paillot
Waltz by Henri Vartio (dressed)
The B-Team by Oliver Codd
Waltz by Henri Vartio (naked)


About Cornucopia Strings 2

Cornucopia is the “horn of plenty” (from Latin – cornu copiae) - a symbol of abundance and nourishment. For Cornucopia Strings 2, a chamber string ensemble (6-5-4-3-2) was recorded and sampled comprising the best string players in Bulgaria - all leading players in the Sofia Session Orchestra.

The very special characteristic that makes Cornucopia stand out to other string libraries on the market is its sound. At its first release in 2013 Cornucopia quickly gained a huge amount of fans due to its unique, almost vintage, tone. The strings were recorded in their real orchestral seating position (violins to the left, celli and basses to the right) in Druzhba hall – the same hall “Storm Choir” was recorded in. The subtle natural ambience of the space brought the samples to life without compromising the tonal clarity.

With a fully sampled dynamic range from piano to forte, Cornucopia can be used very well in different contexts. According to the philosophy of Strezov Sampling, Cornucopia didn't receive a lot of post processing. However, after some careful investigations, single notes were tuned for the 2.0 update to ensure better playability and consistency.


New True Polyphonic Legato Content

The old Cornucopia had only full Tutti and seperate Basses articulations. Listening to the requests of users two brand-new true polyphonic legato patches were added with special focus on the concept of the library. The first one consists of 1st, 2nd Violins and Violas playing in Octaves with muted strings (con sordino). The second added patch features the Celli and Basses in Octaves also playing con sordino. Although all strings were recorded con sordino and the ensemble size is relatively small, the captured sound turned out to be pretty massive and therefore is also perfect for Hybrid Score Productions.

As with Rhodope Ethnic Bulgarian Choir Exp A, our new true polyphonic legato script not only allows  you to hold down chords and continue playing, but also does intelligent voice leading when you play chords. For a detailed demonstration of this please make sure to watch the walkthrough video covering this feature in more detail.

  •     Chamber String Ensembles (6-5-4-3-2)
  •     Leading String Players of the Sofia Session Orchestra
  •     Unique vintage string sound
  •     Tutti and seperate Bass articulations
  •     New True Polyphonic Legato Articulations
  •     Up to 5 Microphone Positions
  •     Optimized patches with direct access to all articulations
  •     Niente feature for seamless fade-outs
  •     No compression
Articulation List:

TUTTI (1st, 2nd Violins, Violas and Celli)
  •     Tutti Trills – whole tone / half tone trills
  •     Tutti Tremolo – ordinary tremolo, two dynamics
  •     Tutti Trem Sul Pont – tremolo played near the 'bridge'
  •     Tutti Sus – ordinary sustained notes, two dynamics
  •     Tutti Sordino  – 'con sordino'; warm and gentle tone, two dynamics
  •     Tutti Spicc – played in the middle of the bow, without effort
  •     Tutti Stacc – sounds bigger than “Spicc”, two dynamics
  •     Tutti Sfz – sforzando, playing with a sudden, strong emphasis
  •     Tutti Pizz – pizzicato, short articulation, two dynamics
  •     Tutti FX – clusters, atonal textures, avant-garde effects

  •     Bass Tremolo – ordinary tremolo, two dynamics
  •     Bass Trem Sul Pont – tremolo played near the 'bridge', two dynamics
  •     Bass Sus – ordinary sustained notes, two dynamics
  •     Bass Sord  – con sordino; warm and gentle tone, two dynamics
  •     Bass Stacc – short articulation, two dynamics
  •     Bass Sfz – sforzando, played with a strong emphasis
  •     Bass Pizz – pizzacato, short articulation, two dynamics
  •     Bass FX – clusters, atonal textures, avant-garde effects

  •     High Strings True Polyphonic Legato - con sordino, in full Octaves
  •     Low Strings True Polyphonic Legato - con sordino, in full Octaves

  •      4 Vln FFF Divisi Marc –  first chair violins (a total of 4 players) playing with a very exaggerated vibrato
€149.00 * VAT excluded Add To Cart

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