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JADE Evolutions

Beauty you never thought possible! Create worlds of unlimited sonic possibilities with Jade Evolutions. Morph between hundreds of bespoke performances from a world-class Chinese orchestra and vocal group, as well as custom electronic sounds. Get instant inspiration by hitting one note on your keyboard, or produce cutting edge fully arranged soundscapes within seconds. Customize and build your own arrangements and presets using our brand new highly intuitive Evolutions Engine within Kontakt.

Video Demos

Audio Demos

Ascending (100% Jade Evolutions) by Nathan Einhorn
My Last Wisdom by Alexander Kostov
Silver Dawn by Henri Vartio
Tales From The Valley by Simeon Edward
Jade's Farewell by Lars Hempel

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Powered by Native Instruments' Kontakt Player v6.7,1 or higher


Two years after releasing Jade Ethnic Orchestra we went back to Beijing China with our Co-Producer Seth Tsui to create a virtual instruments collection which pushes the boundaries of evolving instrumental perfomances to a new high. The result of that journey is Jade Evolutions.

Jade Evolutions is no sample library in the traditional sense of multisamples, dynamic layers and round robins. The recordings we made are highly expressive performances within each section of the traditional Chinese orchestra, as well as vocal ensembles. The focus was set on musicality, which is unreachable with a multisample approach. If you want instant cutting edge sounding results which go far beyond what an ethnic virtual instruments collection can accomplish, Jade Evolutions will be your new secret weapon.

Based on our experience with our Syllabuilder and X3M engines, we developed a brand new one using Native Instruments' Kontakt sampler to give you acess to these performances in an intuitive way, but also to combine them with custom electronic sounds recorded from Hardware Synthesizers for that modern cinematic sound. The core of Jade Evolutions is the XY Pad, which allows you to freely morph and blend between 4 zones of mapped instrumental performances and freely layer in Electronic soundsources.

Each of the zones can be customized and shaped to your liking. Use the 215 instrumental and 47 electronic soundsources to create your own presets and arrangements. Save them and tag them for future productions or use one of our 256 presets as base for your own explorations into the unknown.

Jade Evolutions consists of 20 GB of instrumental performances. The following instrumental categories were recorded:

  • Bowed Strings Ensemble
  • Bowed Strings Solo
  • Plucked Strings
  • Voices
  • Woodwinds
  • Percussion



  • 256 Presets comprising fully fleshed out arrangements, as well as instant mood setting soundscapes
  • 215 instrumental performances recorded in Beijing China and 47 curated electronic soundsources
  • Virtuosic Bowed and Plucked Strings, Woodwinds, Percussion and Vocal Performances from Chinese Musicians
  • Brand new Evolutions Engine - Morph, layer and shape each sound source to your liking!
  • 21 GB of custom recorded material, no reused sounds from Jade Ethnic Orchestra
  • Developed for Native Instruments Kontakt Player
  • Fully NKS compatible

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€249.00 * VAT excluded Add To Cart

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