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The Felt Seiler Pro

If a picture is truly worth a thousand words, we think of THE FELT SEILER in the same way, only in a musical context, instead - you can convey so many different emotions only with a few strokes of your hands. Nothing too complex or “puffy”, yet powerful and moving enough to allow you to express yourself freely, with nothing holding you back.

Video Demos

Audio Demos

Cosmic Vibe by Iavor Pachovski
Gentle Breeze by Azad Agassian
At The Edge Of The World by George Strezov
Moments Like These by Alexander Kostov & Velislava Georgieva
Frozen by Simeon Edward
Stalker Alley by Hristo Penev

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The content of the library was recorded in the Sofia Session Studio B with a number of close microphones, later summed into one microphone position. Along with that, The Felt Seiler contains 3 more synth/sound design layers for you to choose from, which will help you shape a unique sound. We’ve named those three layers based on the mood that feels closest to the way they sound - Warmth, Ache and Loneliness. For all 3 of those, you have the option to Purge (the ON/OFF button on top of the volume slider), Solo or Mute each of the layers.

In addition, you can adjust the volume and the stereo width, and designate different outputs for each microphone position if you needed. We’ve also added a “reverse” option (the circular button depicting a reversed “play” symbol), which allows you to play any of the sound design layers backwards, adding even more options to create different music textures and colors.

In the center of the GUI you will find the “Soft” and “Sustain” buttons. The “Sustain” button by default is linked to your piano’s sustain pedal, as you would expect and when pressed the sustain samples will be played. However, by clicking on the button in the GUI you will allow for all available sustain samples to be played. We’ve also sampled the Felt Seiler with the Soft pedal pressed and that mode can be activated by clicking on the “Soft” button on the interface. That sound is more quiet, even softer as the dampers in the piano are closer to the strings, there are less vibrations, which in turn results in that warmer, delicate piano sound.

PRO Version sampled chromatically, with 4 Dynamic Layers and 5 Round Robins on each note including a true sustain layer. Check out the Free Version.


€89.00 * VAT excluded Add To Cart

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