Strezov Sampling

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Your new secret weapon: "The Muted Seiler" - Experimental Hybrid Piano library with unique sound-design features and powerful Arpeggiator.

Video Demos

Audio Demos

Lying In Wait (Dressed) by George Strezov
Twisted Keys (Dressed) by Iavor Pachovski
Broken Beats (Dressed) by Alexander Kostov
Lying In Wait (Naked) by George Strezov
Twisted Keys (Naked) by Iavor Pachovski
Broken Beats (Naked) by Alexander Kostov
Dance Piano (Dressed) by Alexander Kostov & Dobromir Kissyov

DESCRIPTION Product manual

What started off as a game, here in the Sofia Session Studio's hallways, blossomed into an experimental library with instruments never sampled before. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you "The Muted Seiler" !

Featuring a heavily damped and muted old Eduard Seiler piano (with 128 pairs of earplugs and a tiny bit of paper) with one goal - to achieve the distinctive percussive and punchy sound the library offers all its users. 

Its unique timbre and features make "The Muted Seiler" a perfect fit for all kinds of music productions. Regardless if you see it as synthesizer based on organic recordings, an electroaccoustic instrument or just the good old piano for scoring.



Patch List

SUSTAINS (single note) - 1xRR, A-1 – E6;
SHORTS (single note) – 5xRR, A-1 – E6;
SHORTS (octaves) – 5xRR, A-1 – C2;
DYNAMICS – 4 layers
PRESETS (the presets marked with * are the ones available for the single note patch and the octave patch):

4/4 + 2/4 (1,2,4 notes)



Drone 6 (1,3 notes) *

Mission possible 10/8

4/4 + 2/4 swing

Drone 6 (tripl. 1,2 notes)

Misty Mids

4x4 (Straight 4)

Drone 6 (triplets)

Morse Code !!!


Drone 7 (1,5 notes)

Muddy Mind *

7/8 (1 octave)

Drone 8 (swing 1 notes) *

Not on Time *

12 cool steps

Drone 8 (swing)

Oddly timely (9/8 p.)


Drone 9 (1 note)

One Note Bass in 5 *

Aggressive HiHats

Drone 10 (1,5 notes) *

One Note Mysterious

Amplify Beat *

Drone 11 Straight oct.

Perc. Miles Davies

Bass Trap *

Drone 11 (1/32)

Ping (Straight 4) *

Blaah – reggaeton

Drone 12 (tripl. 1,3 notes)

Punch me low

Building Blocks *

Drone 12 (1/32)

Review (1,2,3,5 notes)

Bumblebee *

Drone 13 (1 note) *

7th Heaven (7/8+5/8)

Center Pitch (Triplets)

Drone 16 (1,2,3,4 notes)

Space Triplets

Dirty go down (7/8)

Drone 16 (1,2,3 notes)

Swing 8 (1,2,3,5 notes)

Distant talking *

Drone 16 (tripl. 1,2 notes)

The Rite of Spring

Distorted Bulgarian 7

Drone 18 (1,3 notes)

Trailer Pulse Low *

Distorted Guitar *


Trance *

Dreamy 3/4

Hallucination *


Drifting Waves *

High Percussion

Upside Down growl

Drive in 13/8

Machine gun *

Vivaldi (Straight 16)

Drone 5 (1,5 notes) *

Metal Tube *



Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

FX Hellboy

FX Kaval

Cave Large

FX Hellz Bellz

FX Larger Than Life

Medium Stairs 1

FX Brushed Chan room

FX Monastery

Medium Stairs 2

FX Brushed Chan room PreDelay

FX Mountain Cave

Medium Stairs 3

FX Cathedral Nevsky

FX Shakers in Hell

Mountain Cave

FX Cave Large

FX St. Dimiter Church


FX Chan

FX St. Nedelya Church

Reading room Mid

FX Chan Room

FX St.Nikolay Church

Reading room Small

FX Delayed

FX Tibetian Bells

FX Aztecs

FX Ghosts

FX Use on Bass

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