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Toms X3M

Contemporary hard hitting toms, surdos, field drums in solo and various ensemble sizes processed for an out of the box epic experience.

Video Demos

Audio Demos

Xtreme Toms by George Strezov
The Exotic Taste (live performance)
Hard Knock Duel (live performance)
Thunder Groovin' (live performance)
Battlin' Odds (live performance)

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About Toms X3M

Toms have been the first and most used instruments for epic sounding percussion for decades. Our Toms X3M take a contemporary approach to one of the most sampled drums by adding more depth and colour to the recording process compared to other installments of the X3M Percussion range.

We went beyond traditional toms and also recorded surdos, field drums, solo drums, brushed drums solo and in different ensemble sizes and combinations. Toms X3M is way more than just toms.

One of our main goals was to have consistent Round Robins captured for as many playing techniques as possible to allow writing fast, but at the same time smooth and realistic sounding percussion arrangements. To achieve that, we carefully edited every single sample of our up to 15 Round Robins manually and did as many iterations as needed after extensively testing the articulations in a real life composing environment.

The recordings took place in the Sofia Session Studio where we also recorded the previous X3M libraries to allow smooth and easy layering.


Articulations Mapping

With "Toms X3M" we wanted to build upon and improve the live playability of the library while combining the different articulations of each instrument within one zone only. The picture below shows the articulation layout on the keyboard for all odd and even zone numbers. That particular layout gives you much more playability and real-time control over the different articulations, resulting in much more creative freedom while playing or recording.



The X3M Percussion Engine

The concept behind this engine is fairly simple – the keyboard range is divided into 12 zones that you are able to assign different sounds to. After creating a template of your choosing just plug in and play – nothing else needed!
In addition to that the engine also allows you to tweak individual zones, as well as the whole mapped ensemble patch with various effects and mic positions. Combining these with the natural and organic recordings you have maximum flexibility when it comes to sound.
Once you load up the X3M Ensemble Builder you automatically load all samples inside the “Samples” directory. However, the instrument is built in such a way that it actually keeps all samples purged, unless you load them up into a zone. This means that not only do you have a single patch with all types of percussion you might need, but it is also optimized and doesn't hurt your RAM ressources in any way!
The recently updated X3M Engine also features Round Robin Selection as well as Stereo Spread control for each microphone position.


Intro Price 99 Euros ends June 21st 2024 (Normal Price 129 Euros) additional crossgrade discounts for owners of X3M libraries available. Please check your emails!


€99.00 €129.00 * VAT excluded Add To Cart

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